Chemical Skin Peel Treatment

Skin Peel Treatments In Ealing

One of the most popular non-invasive treatments available in Ealing Dental & Medical clinic.

Get ride of pigmentation and acne right now .Get to your job immediately after treatment .

A specialized chemical solution is applied to the skin for a designated period of time. The chemicals help to improve skin appearance and texture by gently removing the outer, damaged layers of skin.  Chemical Skin Peeling treatment is a method of exfoliating skin to clear old ,damaged outer layer of the skin and stimulates Collagen and Elastin to produce younger, healthier and smoother skin

Price: £70

Pay for 4 session and get 1 free.For the best result better have 7 sessions so pay for 6 and get 1 free.

It improves :

1.Fine Lines

2.Uneven skin tone and texture

3.Get ride of pigmentation and acne

4.Sun damage


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